Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas

So I am going through the process of searching for new bulletin board ideas for my classroom. I am looking for something fun but also useful.

The board ideas revolve around three themes. I wanted a study skills board, motivational board, and an interactive getting to know you board. Please let me know your thoughts and if you have any other ideas.

1. Interactive Getting To Know You Board. This looked like fun for a homeroom and could be updated throughout the year. Students could post different things going on in their lives or their interests. It would be a good way for students to get to know each other and find other students with common interests.


I found this board here: Getting to Know You Board.

2. Study Skills Board: The different study skills are written in each of the smaller light bulbs.


I found this board here: Study Skills Board.

3. Motivational Bulletin Board: I was thinking this type of board would be neat. Although I wanted to change it slightly by displaying a variety of motivational quotes. If anyone has any fantastic motivational quotes geared towards writing or education, please share them in the comments section!


I found this board here: Motivational Bulletin Board.

Please also share in the comments section any other ideas you may have. Thank you!


One thought on “Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas

  1. I love interactive boards or those that have everyone’s name (or other contribution). These look relatively do-able (time-crunch wise) with a lot of ‘bang for the buck.’ Nice!


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