Sight Word Fun! Creating Your Own Sight Word Picture Books Using Apps

It has been quite some time since I have blogged, but I have so many new reading tools to share! I hope you enjoy and find them helpful!


My daughter is currently learning how to read and it is a fun process. At the same time, there is also a great amount of trial and error. To hopefully save you from some of this I shared what I found to be successful.

We first learned each of the letters starting with the uppercase and then moved to the lowercase letters. Next was identifying the various sounds each letter makes. We used upper and lowercase letters to do this. Which then brings us to our current two processes: sounding out words and learning sight words. If you are not unaware of what sight words are or where to find them, I would recommend looking at either of the websites at the bottom or googling Dolch Sight words. Most elementary school programs have students learn these words because these are words that typically cannot be sounded out. Further, they are also high frequency words that are repeatedly seen in texts.

In order to teach my daughter sight words I am using two strategies. First, I took the list of words appropriate to her age and placed them on flash cards. I have been teaching her each of the words slowly. Then I take the words we have learned and placed them into story books using iPad apps such as the Story Creator app or the newest app I have switched to is Book Press. The books are simple and quick to make. The best part, my daughter is the main character in all the books because the illustrations are all family photos. An example of a book I created is below. This is just the text. Each page would then contain one family photo as an illustration of the sentence.

Title: I See

Page 1: I see Dad.

Page 2: I see a dog.

Page 3: I see Mom.

Page 4: I see my sister.

Page 5: I see me!

Yep, award winning! Okay, maybe not…but she certainly learns the words and has fun doing it!

What reader friendly tricks have you found for emerging readers? Any reading motivators as well?

Dolch Site Words

Dolch sight words


Beading for Little Ones: Another Fun Way to Use Pipe Cleaners

Age: Toddler to Second Grade

Materials: Beads, Tupperware, Pipe Cleaners

Using pipe cleaners, I found a fun new way to work with beads that is ideal for younger preschool-aged children. The pipe cleaners are more malleable for the child to hold on to and you also do not have to work with clasps. A make-shift clasp can be out of the pipe cleaner itself. This activity was as simple as making a circle clasp at the end of the pipe cleaner, filling a small tupperware with beads, and stringing the beads!

Pipe cleaner bracelets provided an easy, fun motor skill activity that you can wear! For older children, this activity can also be altered to teach patterns that the child is expected to repeat.

Christmas Tree Farm: Simple Inexpensive Crafts


Christmas Tree Farm: Inexpensive Crafts!



I found a new place to find crafting products and found it worth sharing. While this is nothing earth shattering, I am extremely excited about the many options here. I had been shopping for the holidays and picking up a few last minute things like bows and odds and ends and stopped at a dollar store. I was shocked to find the large assortment of inexpensive craft items available. While every store is different, the one I was in was a Dollar Tree. My family has enjoyed creating holiday festive crafts that are simple and fun!

For Christmas, we put together a Christmas Tree Farm. The tag on the tree can say your children’s names or a simple message. The glitter glue (eight or so were in a pack), gems, trees, all were a dollar each and so fun to use.


For Halloween, we also made bats that were great fun. The crafts were simple, cost efficient and did not make a huge mess even for toddler and preschool age children.


Summer Reading for Kids

This is some of the best fiction and nonfiction literature I have found that make fantastic summer reading materials for kids! We loved all of these! These would be ideal for children roughly ages 2-7. Enjoy!



Changes A Child’s First Poetry Collection by Charlotte Zolotow




Katie Catz Makes a Splash by Anne Rockwell, Illustrated by Paul Meisel


Pete the Cat Scuba-Cat by James Dean

The Pirate Girl’s Treasure An Origami Adventure by Peyton Leung and Hilary Leung




Let’s Try It Out in the water Hands-On Early-Learning Science Activities by Seymour Simon and Nicole Fauteux, illustrated by Doug Cushman


My, Oh My- a Butterfly! All About Butterflies by Tish Rabe Illustrated by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu

Let’s Look at Summer by Sarah L/ Schuette

Patterns Outside by Daniel Nunn



Have you found any amazing books for summer?



Healthy Snacks for Kids

I have been looking for ways to get my girls to eat more fruits and veggies! Their fave…

IMG_0486I came across these two recipes on Pinterest and the kids loved them! The most important element is they were both very quick and simple. The recipes are for Carrot Star Cookies and Pizza Zucchinis. Check them out and share any healthy snacks you have found!


You can find Carrot Stars here.

Pizza Zucchinis you can find here.