New Year’s Bulletin Board Idea


New Year’s is an exciting time of year filled with hope and resolution. It is common for students to set goals in the beginning of the year but what about the middle of the year. These are some ideas that can get the wheels turning and send reminders to students that we should always reassess progress and needs.

Option One:

Post this message on top of the bulletin board: My New Year’s goal is…

Underneath students place post it notes with goals on their slip.

Option Two:

Post this message on the top of the bulletin board: My New Year’s Reading is…

Have students brainstorm and post a new book they plan to read.

Option Three:

Random acts of kindness door… Every year I give each student a star. I have students mark an act of kindness they can do on the Star. The students fill up the bulletin board with their ideas of how they can spread kindness.

Options Four:

Emoji feelings

This bulletin board or door idea is pictured above. It is a lot of fun and the prompt can change for any need.


Calendar- Staying on Track with Projects

I attended a writing conference and was shocked to see what I walked away with. Advise on life and calendar management.

It is extremely simple but really effective. The instructor suggested to keep track of your project progress on a month calendar view. This can be a writing word count, calorie count, meal plan, whatever you are working on. The at a glance look helps you see peaks and valleys of your progress.

I do this for my children too. I write a letter labeling each child and fill the square keeping track of what educational skills they worked on that day.

Some other thoughts are logging meals, finances, exercise. The full calendar view allows you to reflect and keep track of multiple family members progress. So simple, but really a helpful idea.

I love looking back and reflecting on what worked and what did not.

Give it a try! And share any organization tips you have found.

Great Tool to Teach Reading: Bob Books

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My daughter is learning to read, and as a reading specialist and a mom, I find it helpful to share what works. I cannot say enough about Bob Books. Not only do they associate the site words to the leveled stories; there is a workbook to help further practice the word and they are affordable. I have found them at Costco, my daughter’s school library, and the public library.  I have wasted a decent amount of money on other phonics and beginning reading that do not incorporate a leveled sight word program to go with them. These books we have are still fine for practice, but they will not teach your child the initial skills needed to get up and running reading.

Bob Books

Healthy Halloween Treats

It is the month of Halloween and there will definitely be plenty of candy! But it is also a good idea to keep some healthy foods in the mix, too. A couple of fun fall snacks are below. They are all low cost and simple! I attached the links below to websites filled with fun ideas.

Frankenstein Grape Cup

Jack-O-Lantern Grape Cups

Vegetable Halloween Cups