Great Tool to Teach Reading: Bob Books

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My daughter is learning to read, and as a reading specialist and a mom, I find it helpful to share what works. I cannot say enough about Bob Books. Not only do they associate the site words to the leveled stories; there is a workbook to help further practice the word and they are affordable. I have found them at Costco, my daughter’s school library, and the public library.  I have wasted a decent amount of money on other phonics and beginning reading that do not incorporate a leveled sight word program to go with them. These books we have are still fine for practice, but they will not teach your child the initial skills needed to get up and running reading.

Bob Books


Healthy Halloween Treats

It is the month of Halloween and there will definitely be plenty of candy! But it is also a good idea to keep some healthy foods in the mix, too. A couple of fun fall snacks are below. They are all low cost and simple! I attached the links below to websites filled with fun ideas.

Frankenstein Grape Cup

Jack-O-Lantern Grape Cups

Vegetable Halloween Cups

Pregnancy Bucket List

So I am nearing my due date and what people keep telling me is enjoy these last moments. Jokingly, I say really… pregnancy is hard work. 😊

But I do understand where this comes from and therefore am starting my last month bucket list. Fun ways to cherish that last bit of pregnancy. Therefore, I am looking for ideas! What is a fun way you enjoyed your last bit of your pregnancy and made it special?

Amazing Halloween Party Bag Ideas

Schools have strict rules on what a child can bring in to parties. Sugar is limited or not permissible all together. That can make Halloween really tricky. I came across these Slime treat bags on Pinterest and fell in love with them. I think they are so creative and adorable. A couple websites are listed below of really great ways to do them. They look like a blast for a wide age range of kids!

Monster Slime Kit from all things simple

Slime Kit Party Favor from Mom Endeavors

One more treat bag I could not pass up was a Play Doh Monster bag. Adorable!

Play Doh Monster Kits from Clear Bags

Healthy Children’s Snacks

Dehydrating Fun!

I continue to look for fun snacks that are healthy for my children. As fall starts to come around the corner I often think of apples. One of my favorite ways to eat apples is to place them in a dehydrator and make apple chips. My daughters and I had a blast doing this!

The steps are easy. Dehydrators come with a simple manual to follow. I would follow this to make sure you have the right temperature and time lengths for your specific dehydrator.

The steps are easy. Slice your apples.

Place them in a lemon soak. I used a 1 to 4 ratio of lemon to water.

My manual said to remove the cores and the skins.

Place in dehydrator. My dehydrator has a fruit setting. I placed the fruit in for 8 hours. Easy and healthy!

Please share any healthy snacks your kids love!